Get your business back up and running with a small business COVID-19 recovery grant

As COVID-19 restrictions in NSW are eased, more and more small businesses are now able to reopen. The question is, will it be business as usual or has the market shifted indefinitely? The answer is difficult to predict; many small businesses such as hairdressing and beauty salons will see a large percentage of their business […]

Data show’s digitization is the key to small business success

Digital technologies such as the internet, social media and mobile have transformed the way businesses in Australia operate. But while most large and medium-sized companies have already made significant digital investments to help them become more competitive, many small businesses have yet to embrace them. Small business leaders have been warning about this issue for […]

Is your Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant application ready?

The COVID-19 outbreak has created difficulties for thousands of small businesses across Australia and the state of Queensland. Many small business owners have seen revenue halve and are now faced with the unenviable task of trying to balance existing financial commitments against an uncertain future. To help companies survive, the Queensland State Government announced in […]

WordPress Website Design Inspirations That’ll Make You Go Wow

Designing a website can be an exciting, inspiring, and confounding process. You have an idea in your head, dozens of customisable themes to choose from, and the flickering hope that your website may someday touch millions. But in a world of more than 1.8 billion websites, how do you make yours stand out? WordPress has […]