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children's charity, kids in need - Northern NSW & Gold Coast

Established in 1982, Kids In Need Association (KIN) is a local charity that supports children with disabilities and serious illnesses in Northern NSW & Gold Coast. KIN can provide people with disability access and connection to much-needed services or resources in their communities. KIN needed a new e-commerce website developed that would assist in raising much-needed funds for the charity.


  • Seamless UX
  • Earning User Trust
  • Navigability
  • Accessibility


donation and subscription services

Kids In Need Association is a charity that requires much-needed support from community partners and philanthropic activities. The Kids In Need Association has a committee of local community members who all have a passion to serve the Northern NSW & Gold Coast, so it was important that donation functionality gave both options of one-off or monthly subscription options. 


The Dragon Boat Festival is KIN’s most important fundraiser and is an annual event held in the final quarter of the year. The e-commerce website was created to include all Sign-Up and Entry forms, including critical Terms and Conditions recorded in digital format and finalised with payment for entry to the Dragon Boat Festival, with every cent being donated back to local charity KIN.

mobile friendly website

The internet is a mobile-first world. With 77% of global web traffic coming from smartphones, it’s clear that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future – meaning your e-Commerce site needs to be as well! Mobile users are less likely than desktop ones to browse through pages or search queries before buying something online; instead, they rely heavily on their phones’ capabilities when deciding which product interests them most at any given moment.


We recently had our organisations website completely redone with Coral Creative and would highly recommend them for other businesses or organisations. They listened to what we needed the website to achieve, suggested great ideas for additional information and services, and went the extra length to set up enabling services that we didn’t currently have in place, which made processes more efficient and effective.
Nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely be suggesting Coral Creative to others

Bree Murray - director

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