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website design & development


With newly added geographical service areas in New South Wales and Queensland, Tweed Heads Electrical had just purchased the existing business and required a brand new website with fresh branding, website content creation and expanded geographical areas where their qualified electricians service from Murwillumbah to Miami.

Design Features

  • Fresh New Branding
  • Responsivity
  • Visual Navigation
  • User Trust


local search engine optimisation

Local SEO is crucial for getting more customers in your area. According to Google, 30% of all mobile searches are related to location and 78% will visit a local business within 24 hours if they find it through their smartphone or tablet device while 28% purchase goods at one nearby when the same opportunity arises. If you’re not present on these platforms then money can be left behind!

Website Content Creation – Keywords


mobile friendly website

In order to ensure that your website offers a great user experience, it needs be optimised for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. To do this you should consider readability; navigability (the structure of pages); simplicity in layout including using clear fonts sizes when appropriate so users can easily navigate through pages without any confusion about what they’re looking at or how things work together visually – which will make them more likely want return again!

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