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luxury motorhome hire - gold coast

Gold Coast Luxury Motorhome Hire was a new start-up that provides short-term holiday hire for luxury motorhomes and required brand creation, a new e-commerce website that included an online booking system, complete with a booking calendar, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SMS reminders and automated invoices to name a few. 


  • Seamless UX
  • Earning User Trust
  • Brand Creation
  • Online Booking System


online booking system

As a start-up, Gold Coast Luxury Motorhomes wanted an integrated booking system that was a perfect fit for a growing business that sells services and wanted to automate the service booking process. Some of the features delivered:

  • Booking Calendar with daily/weekly/monthly view
  • Responsive booking form that works on any device;
  • Booking list with a variety of filtering options that can be printed or exported to CSV;
  • Limitless motorhome vehicles list with individual working schedules and prices;
  • CRM features, with a client list that displays payments stats and internal notes about the client;
  • Customisable Email and SMS notifications;
  • Google Calendar integration;
  • Overview of the booking and payment statistics with analytical reports;


User experience is a crucial aspect of website design that affects customer satisfaction, retention rates and ultimately the overall success of any business. A seamless user experience can be attributed to providing meaningful interactions with your customers through relevant information they need at each stage in their journey towards purchase or use which increases conversion rates by 16%.

mobile friendly website

Responsive Web design is fundamental and websites should respond to different devices and platforms. This means they’ll change depending on what screen size or orientation they’re being used in order for users to get a great experience no matter which device.
The approach consists largely of flexible grids, and layouts of images that automatically adjust based on media queries–there’s also the intelligent use of CSS3 & HTML5.


John has been amazing throughout the process of helping me set up my business, at times i wasn’t the easiest to deal with, and his patients was fantastic, there’s always little changes that need to be made (from my end) John would make them without hesitation not to mention promptly, i am his client for life, i suggest that you be to.

paul sheehan - director

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