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Sofie Psychic Medium

Sofie is a psychic medium based in Gold Coast QLD and has over 20 years of experience channelling messages and reading for loved ones, acquaintances and clients. She has been blessed with a powerful and divine gift that has enabled her to connect to people on a deeper spiritual level.

Having a Greek background and coming from several generations of fortune tellers, Sofie’s ancestors used Playing cards and Greek coffee cups known as the flitzani in Greek to see into the future.

Sofie wanted to create a website that could handle online bookings, sell products and vouchers, and be an extension of her personality in the design.

Brand Creation

Logo Design

Sofie wanted a logo created that was modern, feminine and mystical. This was achieved through an abstract mark logo design, using a modern typeface that evokes trust and accuracy.


  • Seamless UX
  • Earning User Trust
  • Online Bookings
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Navigability
  • Simplicity



The Role of UX Web Design in Boosting Your Conversion Rates

One of the most important aspects of UX web design is understanding your target audience. By knowing who your website is intended for, you can create a design that meets their needs and preferences. Conducting user research, such as surveys or focus groups, can help you gain insights into your audience’s behaviour and preferences. This information can then be used to inform your design decisions, such as the layout, colour scheme, and navigation of your website.

The Importance of Mobile Design for Your Website

Mobile design is crucial for providing a positive user experience. If your website is not optimised for mobile use, users may struggle to navigate it on their smaller screens, leading to frustration and potentially causing them to leave your site. A mobile-friendly design ensures that your website is easy to use on any device, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions. Additionally, Google now prioritises mobile-friendly websites in search results, so having a mobile-friendly design can also improve your website’s visibility and traffic.


Coral Creative provided me with an exceptional website for my psychic services. John was very helpful, explained things well from the start and easy to deal with. My messages and all requests were answered and dealt with quickly and promptly and everything was handled in a professional manner. All round I had a positive and stress free experience and I won’t hesitate to highly recommend Coral Creative to any other business looking for quality and reasonable pricing. Thank you so much!

Sofie Tavlas - Sofie Psychic Medium

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