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pinnacles edge resort - western australia

The Pinnacles Edge Resort is a 26-room luxury, twin-keyed apartment-style resort that is ideal for a short break from city life and will appeal to guests who appreciate stylish simplicity and modern functionality.  The Pinnacles Edge Resort required a new website to help cut costs and deliver a fresh new design to their tired, old website that was provided by a Channel Manager and integrated with their Property Management Booking System. ROI was in under 2-years for the new website build which was integrated directly with their current Property Management System (RMS). Result – the business is now saving money annually and has a modern, beautiful website that matches their 4.5-star resort accommodation.


  • Seamless UX
  • Earning User Trust
  • Improved Fresh Branding
  • Integrated with RMS (Property Management System)


booking system integration

RMS is a powerful all-in-one property management solution trusted by hospitality businesses across Australia and the globe. Users of the Pinnacles Edge Resort website enjoy seamless integration with this booking software, resulting in increased conversions direct from their website, and less commission paid to third-party booking channels like


Making sure the property was accurately presented matching its 4.5-star rating, the Pinnacles Edge Resort wanted its services, tour offerings and restaurant to be beautifully displayed, ensuring its elegance and authenticity to prospective guests.

mobile friendly website

In this day and age, it’s essential to provide a high-quality user experience for all devices. To do so requires responsive web design which adapts your site according to the size of the device being used – thus creating better mobile layouts than before! With our services at Coral Creative, you can ensure that your website ranks higher in search results due not only to increased traffic but also conversion rates.


Being in the Accommodation game it was very important to deal with a company that’s totally on board with what you are trying to achieve, and with Coral Creative that’s just what we got.

Our company is the Pinnacles Edge Resort and Cervantes Pinnacles Motel in Cervantes West Australia and being a Strata property there where many key groups that needed to be satisfied with the Upgrade to the Resort and Motel Website.

Dealing with Coral Creative was just a delight and such a professional company to deal with, as nothing was too hard in fact Coral Creative went beyond the call to help with other aspects such as connecting channel managers and outside booking channels that were outside the brief of what had asked of his company.

The fact the Coral Creative had such an extensive understanding and knowledge of the accommodation and hospitality industry just made the whole process so much easier at our end.

We are so happy with everything and the cost involved and would definitely recommend for any business looking for website development. Excellent web company!


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