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Need help growing your eCommerce business? Tap into new markets with an online store that converts visitors into revenue and repeat customers.

We’ve built everything from the ground up, including Shopify stores for clients in need of a good base product + SEO services to take them beyond what they thought possible! Whether you’re just starting out or looking at scaling up quickly – our team has got this covered so don’t hesitate any longer: contact us today

We offer WordPress web design too if switching platforms is something that may interest you.

why we are a great fit

Outcome Development Focused

We all know how frustrating it is to try and buy something on a site that takes forever. Let's make sure our website doesn't suffer the same fate by focusing first-and foremost, making things fast AND easy for customers!

Fully integrated solutions

eCommerce is evolving at an breathtaking rate these days! Keep your business relevant in this fast changing industry by implementing some fresh ideas into already established practices like automation (which will make life easier on you), collaborating across different platforms where customers are more likely buy from than ever before; staying current.

You can trust us to get the job done right

Coral Creative is a Gold Coast based web design and hosting company that has been in operation since 2017. We offer expert experience, reliable methods to ensure your site's security as well as an easy-to use interface with tons of features!

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Building your online store on WordPress (integrated with WooCommerce) gives you unmatched flexibility, technical performance and security. Our team designs solutions for a broad range of clients across Australia who want their product listings showcased beautifully in an easy-to-use interface that is both functional as well aesthetically pleasing!

If you’re after a fully custom WordPress / WooCommerce online store solution, we’ve got you covered.


Customisable Ecommerce

why consider woocommerce

With WooCommerce, you can seamlessly integrate your online store with just about any app that supports the E-commerce industry. Whether it be accounting software or payment gateways – there are thousands of extensions available to help run an efficient business on WordPress!

A scalable solution for growing stores; this plugin offers everything from inventory management all way down through point-of-sales tools which makes running a successful retailer easier than ever before possible.


What is E-commerce?

The ecommerce industry has been on the rise for years, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact there are over 500 billion dollar in sales every single day! You can sell anything you want from physical products like clothing or furniture to digital items such as software subscriptions where people buy things delivered right at their doorstep.
There is no end date when we talk about how much this market will continue growing because new technologies emerge annually which changes our buying habits forever.

What is E-commerce web development?

E-commerce website development is the process of executing a plan for your e-commerce site’s backend and frontend. This includes product pages, shopping cart, order forms & support materials for your sites; At Coral Creative we make sure they all work together seamlessly and provide an engaging and satisfying online shopping experience.

What do I need to get started with an Ecommerce website?

Before getting started with your new Ecommerce website, you’ll need to consider the following:


  • What  type of products do you intend to sell; 
    • Simple – covers the majority of any products you may sell.
    • Virtual – one that doesn’t require shipping. 
    • Downloadable – After purchase, customers are given a downloadable file as a link in the order notification email.
    • External or Affiliate – one that you list and describe on your website but is sold elsewhere.
    • Variable – a product with variations, each of which may have a different SKU, price, stock option, etc. For example, a t-shirt available in different colours and/or sizes.
    • Subscriptions Products
  • Do you have product information to display on your website?
  • Would you like any minimum order quantities for any products?
  • Do you need differing pricing for industries like wholesalers or VIP members?
  • What kind of categories and filtering do you want for viewing products?
  • Would you want to offer any discounts or deals on your website?


  • Would you like your site integrated to an accounting or inventory system like MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Unleashed or Dea?
  • Do you have an ERP system that your site will need to integrate with?
  • Which online payment provider would you like to integrate? (PayPal, eWay, Stripe and Square but there are many options we can work with as well)


  • What countries / location can your products be shipped too?
  • Which shipping provider(s) did you want to use?
  • If you are using multiple shipping providers, how do you decide which shipping provider to use for each product?
  • Will you use rates provided directly by the shipping provider or do they need to be modified for certain shipments?
  • Do any specific shipping rules to specific products?

So, we know that making an online store is no easy task. But as you can see from our list of services above (and more!), there are some serious advantages to working with us for your E-commerce needs!

We’re here when it comes time make sure everything goes smoothly–from designing custom websites tailored specifically towards meeting YOUR wants/needs; hosting them on reliable servers, to helping customers find their way around using search engine optimisation techniques which will increase visibility both within Google searches AND across other platforms.

Chat to our team today on 0467 029 760 or fill out our quick online form to get started.

What is a conversion on a website?

A website conversion is the number of desired actions taken by visitors to your site. This can include anything from clicking on a call-to action button, signing up for newsletter emails or purchasing one product among many available options (for example: an eCommerce store). Conversions are unique per client and vary depending upon what they’re looking at when visiting any given page; there may even be multiple conversions happen during each visit!

What is a good conversion rate for an Ecommerce website?

There’s no one-size fits all answer here. The higher the better, but conversion rates can vary greatly depending on your industry and what you’re selling (eBay vs Lululemon). For example an arts and crafts website would typically have a 3 -4% conversion rate while fashion sites average around 1%. An Ecommerce site should aim for + 2% at a minimum which is still high enough that most businesses will be happy with their results.

Ecommerce plans that never get results?

Our goal is to make your online store successful by providing the necessary tools and strategies that you need for long-term success. We will work with all aspects of e-commerce, from technical integrations through creative channels in order to find out where customers are!

You’ll receive 20% planning combined with 80% action, which focuses primarily on actionable tactics such as implementing programs or refining existing plans over time – this means taking advantage of what works immediately while still keeping an eye towards future changes if they become necessary.

Ready for a reliable, creative and effective E-commerce web agency to take you to the next level? Let’s have a call.