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SEO is improving how high you rank on Google, Yahoo or Bing when a potential customer searches for a product or service in your industry. Search engine optimisation is key in utilising digital technology to organically promote your business. It’s a must in this modern-day to ensure you have an SEO strategy and are implementing this plan to improve the ranking of your website. It’s all good and well to have a great looking and functional website, but if no one can find it, or you’re not getting enough traffic then its opportunity lost. We can help you continue to improve your ranking and get more traffic, leads and sales.

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 3.5 billion daily searches on Google. Which equates to 1.2 trillion searches yearly.
  • 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.
  • 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of search results.

are you appearing in search results in
your local area?

Making sure Google knows who and where you are is what local SEO is all about. As more and more internet searchers are looking for local businesses using Google, it’s imperative to ensure your website ranks well.

Our local SEO program starts with a full audit, identifying issues then lays out the plan to improve your local rankings and also your Google Maps listing. Your position in web results is a factor for local SEO, so it’s also imperative to employ website SEO best practices to ensure your optimal local search ranking.

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Have you kept up to date with monitoring the performance of your website? Do you know where your site ranks with Google for your keywords? If not, you are bound to miss countless opportunities. Don’t worry, we have you covered and can help get you in the know with your rankings, and most importantly start improving them.


SEO is an ongoing effort to improve your website ranking. There are two website SEO areas we can help you improve. On-page SEO is the process of fully optimising each element of your website’s pages. Off-site SEO is a longer-term strategy and needs to be planned accordingly. We can get you real results that don’t take years.

on site

  • Keyword Research - aligned with your website content and your competitors
  • Site Audit - Website structure, including internal and external links and title tags, URLs, meta-descriptions, H1s, images, and internal links
  • Sitemap Submission to Google & Bing and indexing audit

OFF site

  • Content & Link Building System
  • Authority Guest Posts
  • Awesome Blog Content - researched, relevant and professionally written blogs
  • Content Gap Analysis - competitor keyword research