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green future energy - Northern Rivers, NSW to South East QLD

Managing Director Taj has seen first-hand the environmental harm and lack of social responsibility in today’s centralised energy system. He was inspired to choose an alternative path that aligned with his values and decided to make a change and enter into the solar energy industry. Eventually founding Green Future Energy. A new website was required to convey the ease of going green and how Green Future Energy can help customers achieve this.


  • Seamless UX
  • Earning User Trust
  • Navigability
  • Solar Savings Calculator

custom development

solar energy savings calculator

Green Future Energy wanted a simple, yet elegant way to graphically display the average potential savings and ROI, with an average rate of return of 25% p.a. and an average payback of 4 years. This allowed the user to select their average monthly bill to determine the potential solar savings if they decided to invest in solar energy.


The importance of user experience is undeniable. It can be attributed to influencing customer satisfaction rates and retention, which will eventually lead to your business’ success in the marketplace
A great way for businesses with websites or apps alike is to offer seamless experiences that involve providing relevant information during each stage that a visitor goes through on their journey towards purchase or use; this results in increased conversions.

mobile friendly website

Mobile-friendly websites are crucial for boosting your sales and conversions because they make it easier to access the site from a variety of devices. This increased accessibility creates long-term loyalty, which keeps customers coming back again!


John from Coral Creative was very helpful and easy to deal with from start to finish when building a website for my small trade business. Including ironing out any final small details that I felt needed attention towards the end of the design. After having a bad experience with a large company that provides domains and websites trans nationally I am personally glad that I ended up going with a smaller local business that cares about the client and wants to get the design done properly. I have no hesitation in recommending Coral Creative to other businesses looking for a quality website at a competitive price. Thanks again John.

Taj Sol - director

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