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WordPress Website Design Inspirations That’ll Make You Go Wow

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Designing a website can be an exciting, inspiring, and confounding process. You have an idea in your head, dozens of customisable themes to choose from, and the flickering hope that your website may someday touch millions. But in a world of more than 1.8 billion websites, how do you make yours stand out?

WordPress has the power to make your website a masterpiece of simplicity, visual appeal, and functionality. Seeing some of the possibilities already on the internet can help give you ideas to work with as you begin your own web design process. Read on to discover some WordPress website design ideas that will amaze and inspire you. 

Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects is a group that focuses on food safety. Their website has gorgeous interactive features, including a concept map that fills in as you scroll down the page. Drawings and photos pop out of different text elements to emphasize various points about food safety as a coloured progress wheel in the top corner lets you know where you are on the page.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a popular design podcast, and its website is tailored to just that purpose. They have a clear menu across the top with items like “Episodes,” “Articles,” and “Subscribe.” If you want to give them a listen, they also have a beautiful podcast player built right into the site. 


Ruya is a branding and digital agency that makes use of a unique menu style. Their front page features an illustration of people handling various tasks, from giving a presentation to drawing up designs. When you mouse over each section of the drawing, the other areas grey out and a menu option pops up next to the current section.

Joco Cups

Joco Cups sells reusable glass go cups and bottles, as well as straws and other accessories. Their site speaks to the simplicity and elegance of their brand. Minimalistic page design, soft pastel backgrounds, and easy-to-read text all provide a refreshing change from the chaos of other site designs.


Mowellens is an e-commerce site that claims to “harness the beautiful power of plants to deliver focus, pause, confidence, radiance, and clarity.” And their site helps to eliminate distractions. Products are displayed on a rotating carousel, and palm leaves wave gently next to the information about their formulations.

The Small Things

The Small Things is a blog that covers everything from hair and beauty tips to lifestyle advice and products. Their site features large photos that draw you into each blog post, and simple script fonts provide a sweet, homey feel. The static menu at the top of the page makes it easy to navigate anywhere on the site.

The TED Blog

TED Talks have gained wild popularity thanks to their ability to distil complex ideas down into approachable lectures. Their blog maintains the TED branding with simple colour schemes and a lot of white space. But when you scroll past the initial banner, you have access to dozens of blog posts covering a wide range of topics.


Eginstill is a boutique interior design company whose passion for beautiful spaces has extended seamlessly to its website. When you scroll past the initial landing page, the large image of a beautiful kitchen shrinks into a picture inset on their primary home page. More gallery photos appear as you scroll, and a left-hand menu allows you to view different projects at the click of a button.

Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest’s website provides a charming dichotomy of intuitive web design and old-school newspaper aesthetics. When you load the page, a newspaper comes spinning in from a blue field and lands on the front of your screen with navigable menu items like “Catch of the Day” and “Find Us” available. Mousing over a menu item will set off an animation of a blue circle being drawn in marker around that word.


When you visit the noformat website, you get an immediate sense of their design aesthetic. The black and white homepage features an animated eyeball that follows your cursor, dilating and contracting as words flash across in front of it, describing the services the company can offer. Scrolling takes you through a series of snapshot-like pages that discuss noformat’s company ideals and show off samples of their work.

We Virtually Are

We Virtually Are is a company dedicated to using virtual reality to tell powerful stories, and that passion shows on its website. The main page features a VR headset, and as you scroll down, you can explore samples of their work. Their menu features a dynamic font that flickers like an old television screen.


Asaro is a company that provides unique adventures to its clients. Their homepage features a wavering underwater background with a mask of some mysterious origin floating behind the words, “Adventure Re-imagined.” As you scroll down, you’ll see images of different adventures you can take, guided by a treasure map-like dotted line.


Braizen lives up to its name with bold, simple designs and the declaration that they are “experts in branding and badassery.” Their portfolio features thumbnail photos of some of their work, and mousing over these photos reveals the brand names attached to each of these ads. Their services page keeps things simple, and their contact form includes fun phrasing like “Let’s get this party started!” and “You’re awesome, yo!”


Arnott’s is a sweets company whose website is as delectable as its products. Their home page displays a carousel of their many delicious offerings, including Tim Tams, fancy and cream biscuits, and mint slices. Scrolling down will reveal amazing dessert recipes that you can make at home.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster is a restaurant that has used the WordPress platform to show off their mouth-watering chicken. Bold, simple fonts set off gorgeous photos of chicken, gravy-laden mashed potatoes, and sliced crusty bread. Their home page is simple and photo-heavy, and a menu at the top of the page makes it simple to navigate the rest of their site.

Brown Brothers

While Brown Brothers have offered hand-crafted wine since 1889, their website is nothing but modern. The home page features a beautiful photo of an attractive couple with an overset bottle of prosecco, as well as the story of their family business. Further down the page, you’ll find a carousel of their various wine offerings, a photo gallery of people enjoying their products, and a map showing their two locations.

Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit’s homepage shows simply a stylized owl and the phrase “We Make Fun.” When you scroll down, you discover videos that play behind monochromatic overlays and brightly coloured banners. The site keeps things simple while still following its promise to make things fun. 

Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer is a music and management group, and their site displays all the power and elegance their name implies. The colour palette is simple, and a grid of black and white logos shows off the many well-known groups they have worked with. A menu at the top makes it even easier to jump to whichever section of the one-page website you need.

Drip Pop

Drip Pop makes craft popsicles, and scrolling through their website gives you the visual sensation that you’re unwrapping one of their popsicles on a hot summer day. Vibrant images flash in the background, and at the centre of the page is the company’s simple black-and-white logo. Scrolling down reveals a carousel of popsicle photos that will seduce you into clicking that “Where to Buy” button.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters has a simple, elegant website that allows their custom roasts to shine. They have a minimalistic menu at the top of their website and a slideshow that displays their coffee offerings. Their “Taste by Color” block tracks your cursor movement and leaves a darker trail in the wake of your movement. 



Mercedes-Benz is one of the largest brands currently running its website through the WordPress platform. Their home page tugs at the heartstrings with a line drawing of a small boy clutching a pencil and staring up at a Mercedes-Benz car. This rotates through with images of powerful sports cars hugging mountain road curves and LED headlights shining out of a dark garage.

Wanda Print

Wanda Print is a production company that sources and represents model talent. Their website plunges you into striking ad images from companies such as Heineken, Audi, and Swarovski. Models flaunt jewellery, lounge on beaches, and even stride across crashing waves as you scroll through the dazzling gallery that is their homepage.

Essen International

Essen International specialises in developing ideas and products into lifestyle brands. Their website focuses on striking minimalism, with only black block text on a white homepage. As you scroll down, you encounter eye-catching photos and dynamic icons that demonstrate the power of their work.

Trefecta Mobility


Trefecta sells e-bikes that are all about power and sleekness, both of which we see reflected on their website. Their left-hand menu is charcoal grey, and their page stories are topped with simple, sans-serif captions. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, an email capture form reveals itself in a contrasting shade of copper.


You may be shocked to learn that even NASA runs their website off of WordPress’s platform. The top banner menu features a black background dotted with small stars and the NASA logo. You can browse missions and galleries or even find downloadable material or watch NASA TV.

Statek Psychologia

Statek Psychologia is a psychotherapy company based out of Poland. Their website uses a unique white-panelled background that provides a consistent connection among the various pictures of hypothetical clients. Scrolling down reveals cartoons that demonstrate the different types of therapy the company offers.


Nightshift is a global company offering technological solutions for the media and entertainment industries. Their front page features a video showing different advertising clips, drawing you further into the website. Photos further down come to life as videos when you mouse over them. 


Melville is a lighting company whose website features mobile design elements that engage and delight the eye. Photos move over each other as you scroll, and new boxes drop down like pendant lights before expanding out into colour photographs. Their unique icon containing three vertical lines appears across the site, centring you and maintaining their branding throughout the page.

Discover More Amazing WordPress Website Design Ideas

WordPress is a powerful platform to build a website, no matter what sort of site you need. From blog pages to e-commerce sites, you can find amazing WordPress website design ideas to inspire you. Start browsing themes you like and let your imagination run wild as you design your website. 

If you’d like to make your WordPress website stand out, check out the rest of our site at Coral Creative. We can provide exceptional solutions to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to start creating your digital impact on the world.

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